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CANNONBALL Business Accelerator

Are you ready to make an impact?

A business accelerator for tech entrepreneurs

CANNONBALL is a business accelerator program for tech startups in Wisconsin. We chose the word “cannonball” not only because it conveys a sense of power and trajectory, but also because we expect our graduates to make an impact.

CANNONBALL guides tech entrepreneurs from the business planning phase, through evaluation and testing, and to the point where participants are ready to pitch to investors and/or launch the product. We do this through intense mentorship opportunities and step-by-step instruction to tackle a variety of challenges, focusing on lean and agile business development.

In addition to the incredibly applicable knowledge, strategy, and mentorship in areas of lean and agile business practices, graduates of CANNONBALL will walk away with a validated business plan and thousands of dollars in seed funding to be put toward the launch of their venture.

And unlike some business accelerators and incubators, CANNONBALL does not reap any of the profits from graduates’ businesses. In other words, ETC doesn’t own any percentage of your company.

Is CANNONBALL right for you?

ETC seeks strong candidates for CANNONBALL, including college students on the verge of becoming entrepreneurs, inventors who don’t yet have a business but have a solid plan, already-formed startups, and existing businesses/employers ready to start a new tech venture.